Angry Birds Transformers Animated is a game like Angry Birds Transformers but with different characters

Characters Edit

Bomb as Optimus Prime

Matilda as Elita-One

Mighty Eagle as Ultra Magnus

Chuck as Bumblebee, Swoop, Prowl, and Snarl

Ter as Heatwave, Snarl, and Sentinel Prime

Hal as Bulkhead, Crosshairs, and Grimlock

Stella as Arcee and Sari Sumdac

Willow as Chromia

Gale as Blackarachnia

Ruby as Moonracer

Dahlia as Firestar

Poppy as Nightbeat

Luca as Stampy

Bubbles as Wheelie

Red as Hound and Ratchet

Frost as Drift

Jake as Skids, Brains, and Ironhide

Jim as Bluestreak, Mudflap, and Blurr

Jay as Jolt, Dino, Sideswipe, Jazz, and Que

Eggs as Allspark

Chef Pig as Megatron, Soundwave, Soundblaster, Shockwave, Rampage, and Bonecrusher

King Pig as Brawl, Blackout, The Fallen, and Mixmaster

Minion Pig as Starscream, Thundercracker, Demolisher, Sideways, Skywarp, Scrapper, Overload, and Hightower

Foreman Pig as Lockdown and Barricade

Corporal Pig as Jetfire, Longhaul, and Galvatron

Notes Edit

  • As the name suggests, the characters was based on Transformers: Animated cartoon

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