angry birds star wars the force awakens is another installment of angry birds star wars this game revolves around the 2016 movie star wars the force awakens


kylo ren and his piggy storm trooper army are out to find the map to luke skysquaker but one storm trooper who is actually a bird in disquise named finn escapes and winds up on the planet jakuu there he meets ray a scavenger galah together along with newfangled egg droid bb8 embark ona journey to stop kylo ren from finding the map to luke skysquawker


ray galah speeds up

finn loon uses storm trooper blaster

chuck solo canary uses blaster

chewbacca cardinal heavy smashes through everything

princess gail starling can brainwash pigs to smash into the structure breaking it for her

maz oriole can land in a specific area and grow massive


kylo ren large can be defeated with chuck solo or ray bird

stormtrooper pig medium can be defeated with all birds