Knight RedEdit

A loyal knight who protects Princess Stella from the evil pigs.

Knight ChuckEdit

A knight who is very serious about his job.

Knight Jim, Jake, and JayEdit

Knights who act more like jesters.

King BombEdit

The king of the castle. He is married to Queen Matilda and he has two children; Prince Bubbles and Princess Stella.

Queen MatildaEdit

The queen of the castle. She is married to King Bomb and has two children; Prince Bubbles and Princess Stella.

Guard AlEdit

Guard Al stays next to Princess Stella's door, all day and all night.

Guard TerenceEdit

Guard Terence stays next to Prince Bubbles' door, all day and all night.

Prince BubblesEdit

Since he is not as 'important' to the pigs, he helps take care of Princess Stella, his little sister.

Princess StellaEdit

Princess Stella has been kidnapped by the pigs more times than she can remember. She has a valuable diamond necklace that the pigs want.

Knight WeegeeEdit

a knight that is not very serious because all he does is staring.

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