Lego Angry Birds is a new series of Lego. It was released in 2013.


Space BirdsEdit

  • Ice Bird
  • Eggsteroid Launcher Bird (matilda)
  • Space Bubbles Bird (Version of Stella)
  • Boomerang Bird (Version of Hal)



Original SetsEdit

Seasons SetsEdit

  • Year Of The Dragon (with King Pig, 2 Minion Pigs, Red, Chuck, The Blues, Red, Red Koi Fish and Mighty Dragon, Blocks: Wood and Stone)
  • On Finn Ice (Terence, set exclusive Tony, Bubbles, Minion Pigs, Blocks: Snow, Ice and Wood)

Space SetsEdit

Birds Using Sling ScopeEdit

Slingshot DecorationsEdit

Sold Separately PeicesEdit

  • Slingshot Decor
  • Birds with Glowing Eyes/Using Sling Scope
  • King Sling


Lego Angry Birds00:47

Lego Angry Birds

Alternate Lego Angry Birds

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