• Jack Sparrow Bird without his hat.
  • Davy Jones Pig
  • Jack Sparrow Bird vs. Davy Jones Pig


  • Red as Jack Sparrow.
  • Bomb as Joshamee Gibbs.
  • New bird as Hector Barbossa.
  • Chuck as William Turner.
  • Stella as Elizabeth Swann.
  • Matilda as Tia Dalma.
  • Red as Jack Sparrow with Hat Upgrade.
  • New Bird as Pintel and Ragetti.
  • Purple Bird as Pirate Purple Bird.
  • New Bird as Boot Strap Bill Turner.
  • Bad Pig as Davy Jones.
  • Bad Pig as Maccus.
  • Bad Pig as Koleniko.
  • Bad Pig as Jimmy Legs.
  • Bad Pig as Pirate Pig.

Powers                                                                                                  Edit

Jack Sparrow: Slashing with his cutlass.

Joshamee Gibbs: Throwing an exploding teddy bear.

Hector Barbossa: Firing his pistol thrice where you click.

William Turner: Throwing his cutlass and having it boomerang back to him.

Elizabeth Swann: Fainting in mid-air and falling.

Tia Dalma: Growing and turning into Calypso.

Jack Sparrow with Hat Upgrade: Using a bigger cutlass.

Pintel and Ragetti: They get on the slingshot together but when you click/tap they become two separate birds that fire their pistols once in the same direction their going automatically.

Pirate Purple Bird: Spreading powerful cutlasses.

Boot Strap Bill Turner: Dropping daggers, you get three of them.